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Horse Riding Lessons Tallahassee
Having perfect equitation is essential when riding but most of us want to learn how to communicate with our partners! Riding a horse is like dancing with a partner. You have to know how to lead and to communicate the next step! Not only do I give lessons on how to ride properly but I love to help people to get the most out of their horses (in the saddle and on the ground). How great does it feel when you accomplish a goal with your horse, or he performs a task such as crossing a scary bridge without a single hesitation? Timing and your reaction to naughty and good  behavior coupled with great teaching exercises and how you cue him makes the difference between a happy willing partner and a bully who loves you for cookies. When I teach lessons I teach more than riding, I teach horsemanship, and they may be English or Western and are adaptable to each individual's desires and goals.  

Horse boarding tallahassee,

horse riding lessons tallahassee,

horse training tallahassee

Horse Boarding Tallahassee


When you board at Equistarre Horsemanship you become a member of a family. We have a great group of drama free, relaxed, horse people who genuinely care about you and your horse. We go to shows together, trail rides, clinics, and more. We even have barn activities, cookouts, bonfires, and potlucks. You will never have to worry if your horse is sick or injured there are always people around to help. 


As a boarder at Equistarre Horsemanship you will also recieve free help with your horse when Analese has time or during scheduled barn ride times. Scheduled lessons or clinic participation will be extra.


Pasture or Stall board includes regular  care such as twice daily feeding, plus fly spray, blanketing, and hosing as needed. I make sure that your horse has the best care that I can possibly provide so that your partner is looking and feeling his best at all times! 


Horse Training Tallahassee


I teach horses to make correct decisions through slight pressure and release. The more your horse learns to "think"  the less he reacts  (aka spooks, bucks, bolts, rears, sets-back, or just freaks out).  Lets face it, we all would like to simply wander down the road and enjoy the scenery without  worrying that Spud is going to find the only horse eating piece of trash on the planet! 

The idea is that my partner should enjoy his job! Whether he is a fine-tuned athlete who goes to shows every weekend or a pasture potato that is only there to make me smile.


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