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Clinics and Seminars

Have Fun! Get Creative! Get Educated!​

Equistarre Horsemanship has a beautiful facility including a round pen, a grass arena, and a dirt arena, that is perfect for hosting all types of clinics and seminars! We host a variety of clinics, private lessons, and seminars for every horse enthusiast! Whether Analese is doing a mini clinic series or one of our friends have come in to share their knowledge with us you can bet that our clinics are super fun and super educational!


Clinics with Analese


Basic Horsemaship and Horse Safety

What is your horse thinking? How do I know if my horse is being pushy or aggressive? How can I be more assertive with my horse without be aggresive? Where should my horse walk when I am leading him? What do I do if my horse does ______?


Desensitizing the Sensitive Horse

My horse jumps out of his skin every time the wind blows! Yikes! How Can we help a fearful or reactive horse learn to think and work through sensitive situations? If my horse does spook what do I do? 


Ground Work and Starting the Saddle Horse Safely

What tools do I really need? What am I looking for in the round pen? How do I shape the puzzle pieces of my foundation so that I can put them together later? 


Getting Control of Your Horse's Body and Feet

What is the most important part of the horse to have control of? What is the difference between a horse who is truly collected and having his nose? How can I teach my horse to be soft. How do I get control of my horse's whole body? What do I do if he pushes or leans on me?


Basic Trick Training

Teach your horse fun stuff to show off to your friends! Master the bow, the pedistal, come to the mounting block, the smile, to give a hug, the Spanish Walk, etc... 

Fitness and Understanding the Body

How do we teach our horse to balance and properly use himself? How does our body influence that of the horse? What relationships are important and how can I use and apply my aids to better my riding and communication?


Don't forget to ask about Nurtitional Consultations!

Analese got her degree in Equine Nutrition from UF and she loves to share her knowledge to help you get the most out of your horse and have him looking show ring perfect!


Clinics with Outside Clinicians


 We have a vast array of special friends and clinicians who love to come and share all their information with us! Each of these clinicians come from various backgrounds and have different accomplishements in the equine world. The pricing for these clinics vary depending on the clinican and the clinic. The lists of clinicians booked, dates, and prices can be found on the upcoming events page. 


We have easy parking availble for trailers under 30' if your trailer is larger than that please make sure to contact us about alternate parking! 


There is a $25 grounds fee per horse (showing/participating or not) for all shows and clinics to help with cleanup and grounds maintenance!


We always provide concessions at all our events! Omero, Analese's husband is an amazing cook so make sure to bring cash for yummy food! 


All horses coming on the property must have a negative coggins and must be checked in at the sign up booth!

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