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About Analese


                      - Head Trainer, Instructor, and Owner



 I tell this story all the time. When I was young girl (less than two because my sister wasn't around yet) I was at my aunt's house and feeding her horses pine straw. My aunt fussed at me and told me that was bad for them and I shouldnt feed that to them... Distinctly, I remember not understanding why she was making such a big deal because it looked just like the stuff they were eating. Obviouly, I developed the personal thirst for knowledge about the equine when I was fairly young. Growing up around horses only added fuel to that fire. My family has owned and operated a boarding and lessons facility since I was seven—I was riding before that. In high school I began working there, teaching camps, and helping with lessons. At Cypress Run Farm, in addition to lessons and boarding, my family also takes in rescue horses and rehabilitates them, often using them as lesson horses. I have grown to share this passion and have personally rescued and rehabilitated many horses, meaning nutritionally and physically conditioning them as well as training them to be productive members of society. In fact the majority of the lesson horses at Equistarre Horsemanship are rescues.

 I have ridden and shown, (at least at the local level) in dressage, hunters, 3 phase eventing, barrel racing, pole bending, stock type classes, and competed on several equestrian drill teams. Over the past decade I have worked and trained a vast amount of horses (including gaited horses) for these various disciplines using studied techniques used by many of the more well known clinicians such as Buck Branaman, Pat Parrelli, Clinton Anderson, and John Lyons as well as some of the lesser known trainers such as Larry Trocha, Cleve Wells, Al Dunning, and Bob Avila; and worked with local trainers in the various places I’ve lived to develop my training program. Let's face it. All the books and lessons don't equal an ounce of what experince will get you. My biggest teachers and the majority of my knowledge has come from the horses I have had the priviledge of working with.

In 2002, I took a job at a local feed store which changed my life. At this point I began attending seminars and learning how to be a key part of our industry. From this I have gathered experience and knowledge in not only the science of equine health and nutrition but the skills needed to condition and properly feed and care for the equine. 


2004 began my studies of the equine foot and the art of farrier science by studying under my farrier at the time Larry Thorne. I now have expanded that knowlegde through educational classes, internships under various farriers and classes at UF. It's been a long hard road but I now have been a farrier for over 13 years!

In 2005 I transferred to the University of Florida and majored in Equine Science and specialized in nutirion and exercise physiology. During my coursework I have obtained the knowledge to create a horse from his hooves to his brain including: nutrition, farrier work, basic healthcare needs and diseases, training, conditioning, reproduction, and genetics. Also I became fairly competent in Florida forages, both hay and grazing crops. I have aided in research on fatty acids and their effects on the immune system, starch verses fat and its effects on the horse’s body, ways to manage horses with respiratory problems, parasite control, as well as how to properly compost equine waste. 

As a member of the UF Horse Judging Team I was able to get a “behind the scenes” look at exactly what a judge looks for in a competitor and what it takes to win. I placed in the top 20 in the nation judging performance clases. This has given me quite a bit of an advantage as an instructor and trainer. 


​After college and moving back to the Tallahassee area I have volunteered coaching the local 4H, the Waukulla Dream Team (drill team), and was the show secretary for the Leon County Horseman's Association.


All through college I trained horses and gathered as much knowledge from as many trainers as I could going to clinics, taking lessons, and just watching people work horses, but when I came back to Tallahassee was when my training and hoof trimming career started taking off. People began to notice how well behaved my horses were and started asking me to train their horses. My horses are my dance partners. It's so easy and fun to ride when they can move exactly where and how you want them to. Everyone wants that, but few know how to acheive it or that it can even be done! The same happened with hoof trimming. My clients had hoof problems that other farriers had trouble correcting and I would give it a try. My knowledge and antomy of the whole body has really helped my trimming career. Generally in three trims or less we can see a vast improvement of their horse. Some cases of course take more time, but it is so gratifying to see horses who have been lame or had traveling issues become sound or walk correctly after years of having trouble!


Equistarre Horsemanship took flight in 2007 and I started by traveling to people's homes to give lessons and train horses.


In 2011 I established roots and opened my first facility Equistarre Horsemanship as a lesson training and boarding facility. Home of my ten (plus Kiwi) personal horses, three cats, and four dogs, plus boarders and horses in training.


In 2012 I married my wonderful husband and partner Omero Rosas and inherited two girls. 


In 2014 We found our dream home! We have moved to a better more accessible location closer to Tallahassee! It's slow, but we are making progress to make it the best place in Tallahassee to be!

In 2015 I was able to immerse myself back into learning mode! I started working towards my goals in Western Dressage and reining. I was able to work with local trainers as well as Micheal Lyons, Patrick King, Julius Von Uhl, and John Lyons himself!


Currently I specialize in body control and fitness for the horse. Foundation work with my horses is pulled from liberty, trick horse training, and obstacle approach. I really work hard in teaching horses to think and seek the correct answers. Our lessons and riding horses are educated with the principles of western and classical dressage both in-hand and under saddle. With my background in exercise physiology and my studies in dressage I have learned to train horses to better carry themselves for long term soundness and body sculpting. Retraining their bodies to work correctly. Think of it like teaching a person who has bad posture who experiences soreness to have proper posture and use their body correctly. This includes having bodywork done, as well as stretching, and strength training.  Just like people horses do better with proper diet and exercise! 



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