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The Equistarre Philosophy:

Understanding Through Patience,

Persistence, and Perseverance

Equistarre Horsemanship is where happy companion and performance horses are found! We don't believe in "natural horsemanship" since horses aren't "naturally" born to do our dirty work and tote us around. However, we do use a method I call "resistance free" training. No abuse, shoving, or anger necessary. We apply slight pressure, and paitently wait for the horse to "think" about what we want, then reward the slightest try with a big release. This does not mean horses are allowed to be disrespetful or pushy, we stick very closely to the two most important rules in horse training: DISCIPLINE AND CONSISTENCY! Just like us, our horses have different temperaments and thresholds for learning. As a teacher I have to be able to read the student and figure out exactly how much he can retain without "shutting down" or his "head exploding". I must learn to go up to the threshold and back down without getting to the point of no return. Here is his best chance in obtaining new knowledge. We always end with something he is good at so he always feels confident when I show up for the next lesson! And in the end your horse will be your partner who at least shows up at the gate!


I specialize in teaching body control and safety features that will drastically enhance your safety and enjoyment of your partner! Have you ever needed to get something off the fence from your horses back but couldn't? How easy is it for you to mount your horse? What about putting on a bridle? What happens if your reins break and your horse is spooked? Does your horse know where his feet are? Where is his attention? These are just a few questions we ask your horse. Can you answer them? 


My main focus is on dressage and reining maneuvers, strength training, ridability, and obstacles.


Impress your friends with a cute smile, or throw away the need for a mounting block because your horse can bow so you can reach the stirrup basic trick training!


Because every time you work with your horse you are teaching him we encourage everyone to be as much of the training process as possble! Working with your horse through these teaching moments will change both you and your horse's lives for the better! I require at least one lesson per week (included in the training fee) so that you and your horse are ready to start your new lives together when you take him home. Please feel free to email or call me so we can set up a training program for you and your horse!!!


Horse and Rider Fitness and Mechanics...


In order to train and ride correctly we need to have an understanding of how and why these things are happening with our bodies! How does one relate to the other?  What if your horse is incorrectly using his body or you are and this is causing long term damage to either of you? How can you use basic maneuvers and learn to focus on weight bearing to strengthen your horse and get those harder maneuvers easily! 


Booking and Cancellation Policies


Clinics must be booked at least one month in advance. A non-refundable deposit of $500 must be paid at that time. All clinics must have a minimum of 5 riders (not including the host. Horses attending must have negative coggins. Host facilities must provide safe stabling in a clean environment for up to three horses. 


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