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Pasture Board.


Pasture board includes twice daily feeding, individual feed slips for your horse to eat peacefully in, and shelter. 


Stall Board.


Stall board includes twice daily feeding with paddock turnout. Amount of turnout time varies depending on the horses individual needs. Each stall has a run so horses are not cramped in the stalls. We prefer to bed on sand for health reasons of the horse, so the cost of shavings is extra. Stalls are cleaned twice daily and kept dry with low odor. We put mats under feed buckets to help prevent sand ingestion. As soon as we get electricity to the barn fans and lights will be provided as well for a small fee. 


The Owner's Responsibility.


As the owner of the horse you are responisble for all medical and grooming needs. This includes any routine or emergency vet care, worming, dental visits, farrier work, grooming or medical supplies. You must have and completed the Equistarre Boarding Contract (presented to you by Analese) and have all the other documentation on file. We require proof of ownership or the horse, two copies of your negative coggins, a copy of your driver's liscense, an ID photo of your horse, and a photo of you with your horse. You must also have a copy of the  Equistarre Liability Release Form and the Equistarre Information and Policies Form signed and on file. Anyone that comes out to the barn with you must have the Liability Released signed as well. 



*Owner must provide negative coggins, blankets, fly masks, fly spray, 8 quart feed pail, matching fence feeder bucket, matching water bucket(s) if on stall board, and grooming supplies. Any extra feed or specialty hay. Owner is responsible for vet bills and damages to the facilities over $50 outside of reasonable wear and tear.


*In order to have a spot reserved you must pay your first months board. If you do not pay, advertising will continue and another horse may fill your spot.




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