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Some Educational and Horsey Fun!

*Each camp is catered to it's participants*


Campers will Enjoy:


*Two Horseback Riding/Horsemanship Lessons per day

*Games on Horseback for confidence building and just plain fun!

*Educational Downtime to learn more about their equine friends

*Swim time to cool off!

*Horsey movie time at the end of the day (if we have time)


During Educational Downtime Campers will learn about:


* Basic care and Grooming of the Horse

* Nutrition and Feeding the horse

* Hoof care and get to see a live hoof trim!

* Learn how to lunge a horse for better communication

* Common Diseases and aliments in Florida

* The small dangers to a horse--worms and toxic plants!


Winter/ Spring Break Day Camps cational

Cost is $65 per day or $250 for five days.


Beginners- (8am - 12pm)

Intermediate- (1pm - 5pm)


Summer Day Camps


Cost is $75 per day or $300 for five days.


Beginners- 2014 dates TBA (9am-3pm)

Intermediate- 2014 dates TBA (9am-3pm)


*Call for availability for ladies day camps/seminars!


Every camper must have a Equistarre Liability Release Form completed and signed (must be signed by a legal guardian if a minor) before they can get on a horse. It is their responsibility to have this form. This form may be obtained by clicking the Equistarre Liability Release Form link above (other links can be found on the lessons page).


What to Bring:


* proper riding attire as discussed in the lesson section of the website (closed toed shoes, long pants, proper supportive gear, etc...)

* bathing suit* change of clothes

* a sack lunch and snacks

* plenty to drink (WATER not sodas)

* sun screen and bug spray

* towel

* liability release

* dr information (emergency contact/allergies etc...)


If Mother Nature Doesn't Play Fair...


If campers don't get at least one ride per day they will receive a free group lessons to replace the lost lessons (no more than 5). The lessons must be used up within 60 days of camp or they will be lost. This is a courtesy, please do not take advantage of it! On rainy days we will have games, crafts, or horsey movies to occupy our time!

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